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Preserving Mother Earth
Published By jobiamour on 2010-03-05 420 Views

I firmly believe that parents play a major role in preserving our Mother Earth. It is our role to enlighten our children, to share with them, to teach and train them and inform them about our Mother Nature and lastly to lead by example. Every childís attitude is rooted within the four square walls of their home, it is where they start to form their traits and behaviours and become an individual with a unique personality. Whatever they see inside their home is already their world. If children see everyday, that the home is a mess with all things scattered everywhere, then in their small minds it is just a normal thing. So that when they grow up and exposed to the outside world, a trash would mean nothing to them because it is just a ordinary thing for them and no need to be bothered about. But if a child is used to a clean home, then by all means, when they are outside of the comforts of their homes, their mental attitude will tell them to clean up. Ok! Alright! I know! There are many trash outside our homes, and children as they are, they cannot pick all these trashes all by themselves. Thatís where leading by example comes in. If in every baranggay, every homeowners make it a point to have a clean drive even just three times a year and involves everyone including the children, I assure you that when they grow up, these children will be the one to initiate in the future for this kind of activity. All other steps would follow like, planting trees, preserving water, policies to be implemented and all other things we can think of. I know you were expecting some kind of bullet form here on how to preserve mother nature. Well Iím surprised my self too. Yes, I was planning to have a bullet form. But after some reflection, I realized that everything goes down to the basic unit of our society and that is FAMILY AND HOME. Happy Weekend everyone.
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